11 Best Camping Showers To Buy In 2021

Camping is nothing if not a deviation from the normal daily regimen. It is an opportunity to escape from the confines of a cubicle and revel in the huge grandeur of character. You will increase with the sun, like campfires after dark, and sometimes, fish or hunt for your supper.

Obviously, not all about urban presence is terrible. Toilets, by way of instance, are usually preferable to doing your company in the woods. One more thing you are likely to long for if you intend extended camping trips is washing through shower. Roughing it’s enjoyable, but after a couple of days with no shower, you are likely to feel (and smell) somewhat worse for the wear.

The fantastic news is, even when outdoor fans voice a necessity, the market provides ample solutions, such as mobile camping showers. These lightweight, streamlined shower packages permit you to wash off the dirt of hiking along with the stench of a campfire in solitude, even at the center of the forests. On top of that, many good camping showers are multi-purpose.

Whether you have to wash dishes, equipment, or your self, these showers will adapt.

Portable camping showers are handy units with a simple yet functional design. A camping shower brings the comfort of your homes to your outdoor adventures and helps you maintain hygiene wherever you are. It is equipped with a reservoir that pushes water into a steady gentle shower for your bath.

This camping gear is multifunctional, compact, and portable. Enjoy the modern-day conveniences even when you’re away from the urban jungle, with some of the best camping showers listed in this post.

Types Of Camping Showers

There are a variety of camping showers available in the market. Here is a list of all those types to help you understand better.

  1. Solar-powered: These are durable, functional, and inexpensive models. They usually come with a black PVC bag that absorbs solar energy for water heating. You can enjoy hot water showers in any remote location as long as these bags are exposed to sunlight.
  1. Battery-powered: These camping showers have a pump which is submerged in a water bucket. The pump draws water and converts into a gentle stream through the showerhead. But as most battery-operated machines, this machine requires constant replacement or recharging of batteries.
  1. Foot pumps: These camping showers have a pump that can be inflated by foot. This inflation draws water from a bucket to provide a steady and smooth flow. 

11 Best Camping Showers Of 2021

1. Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower
Buy-NowThis portable outdoor shower is suitable for camping, trekking, and pet and car washing. Place the unit in a bucket of water or a stream near the campsite to receive a steady flow drawn by its battery-powered pump. You can easily recharge the pump with a 5V adapter and receive an hour of flow on full power. This hand-held shower can be easily hung on a branch with its suction cup and an S-shaped hook. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes, this showerhead by Ivation is an ideal camping gear to help you stay clean.


  • One-touch button for easy usage
  • Water-resistant unit for safety
  • Compact and portable design
  • Can also be charged with USB ports of cars, power banks
  • A 6.5 feet unit for easy accessibility 


  • Doesn’t have a water heating mechanism

2. Advanced Elements Solar Shower

Advanced Elements Solar Shower


Enjoy a hot shower with this Advanced Elements solar shower bag with an in-built reflector and insulator panel. With a holding capacity of five gallons and strong handle grips, this shower hose is compact and easy to use. Its four-ply PVC-free material provides a leakproof design that can be rolled and tucked aside when not in use.


  • Has a shower head with an on/off button
  • Easy to fill with its large valve
  • A water temperature gauge to check the temperature
  • Has a side pocket to store toiletries  


  • May not provide have seamless water flow
  • Hanging it might be challenging

3. Kipida Solar Shower Bag

Kipida Solar Shower Bag


Made of eco-friendly and leakproof material, the camping shower bag by Kipida helps you enjoy a refreshing hot bath anywhere. With a water capacity of five gallons, the shower has non-slip handle straps for easy carrying. You can hang the bag anywhere high using its Velcro straps. Fill this bag with clean water to enjoy a bath with this solar shower bag even in remote locations.


  • Comes with an in-built temperature indicator
  • Regulate the water flow with a tap
  • Has an on/off switch for ease of use
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Side pocket to keep toiletries


  • Cap might not seal well
  • The hose may be too short

4. Risepro Solar Shower Bag

Risepro Solar Shower Bag


The Risepros camping shower is made of smart black PVC material that absorbs solar energy to heat water up to 113°F in three hours. Made of eco-friendly material, this lightweight camping shower bag is leakproof and has a holding capacity of ten gallons.  Fill the water using its injection hole and leave it under sunlight while you can get on with your other camping chores. You can check the temperature of the water with its indicator.


  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Has an on/off switch
  • Controllable water flow
  • Reinforced plastic to hang on branches
  • Comes with a hose and a showerhead 


  • The cap might leak
  • Material may not be durable

5. Kedsum Portable Camping Shower

Kedsum Portable Camping Shower


This portable camping shower by Kedsum uses two rechargeable 2200mAh batteries to pump water through its showerhead. The batteries are held separately, away from water inlet and outlets, making it safe and durable. With a flow of one gallon per minute and 45 minutes of working time per charge, this 6.5-foot long camping shower system is suitable for outdoor bathing, cleaning, and washing purposes.


  • Has an on/off switch
  • Provides a gentle shower stream
  • Compact and portable
  • Hands-free operation
  • Comes with a suction cap, hook, and head bracket for hanging


  • Spray capacity is not strong

6. Dotsog Portable Outdoor Solar Shower Bag

Dotsog Portable Outdoor Solar Shower Bag


Get this solar shower bag by Dotsog, and you won’t have to go without showering when you are camping. With a carrying capacity of five gallons and a strong PVC leakproof build, this bag is ideal for camping.  The robust strap on the top and the hook rope can hold the bag high while you enjoy a hot water shower. You can remove the hose anytime to fit it into your travel bags when on the move.


  • The faucet can be tightened to adjust the water flow
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly material
  • Heats water under sunlight in three hours
  • Has multiple layers to prevent leakage  


  • The valves may not be properly constructed

7. Viglt Solar Shower Bag For Camping

Viglt Solar Shower Bag For Camping


This solar shower bag by Viglt is lightweight, portable and comes with an on/off switch for water control, a showerhead, a water tap, and strong handles. The simple shower is made of non-toxic, eco-friendly foldable material and is a space-saver as it easily fits inside backpacks.


  • Has a front pocket to hold toiletries
  • Can hold five gallons of water
  • Removable hose for portability
  • Doesn’t require electricity for water heating
  • Has a temperature monitor gauge
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • The showerhead may leak
  • Hose and nozzle might not be durable

8. Jayetec Portable Outdoor Shower Set

Jayetec Portable Outdoor Shower Set


Jayetec outdoor camping shower set with battery is ideal for trekking and hiking. Its 4400mAh rechargeable battery provides a steady flow and lasts for several hours. This camping shower is simple, safe, and easy to use as the in-built battery is IPX7 waterproof and can handle short-time soaking. With its LED lights, you can also use this shower in the dark or low-light conditions as well.


  • Easy operation
  • The water pump has an LED indicator
  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • Includes hook and suction cup for hanging  


  • Battery backup may not be good
  • The pump might provide low water pressure

9. Solar Camping Shower Bag By Trofoty

Solar Camping Shower Bag By Trofoty


With a large water capacity of five gallons and a three-layered PVC material, this solar shower bag by Trofoty is strong and durable.  It can heat water up to 113°F within three hours and can be hanged on high tree branches using its non-slip handle so that you can enjoy a steady flow from its showerhead.


  • Has a temperature indicator for convenience
  • Side pocket to store toiletries
  • On/off switch for accessibility
  • See-through bag as a water level indicator
  • Can heat water with a car engine


  • The material might not be leakproof

10. Electrfire Solar Shower Bag

Electrfire Solar Shower Bag


The portable camping shower bag by Electrfire has a lightweight and foldable design. It comes with an upgraded shower head that lets you control the water flow as per your need. Equipped with a thermometer for water quality monitoring, this multipurpose solar shower bag helps you enjoy a hot water bath after a tiresome day. With a capacity of five gallons, a powerful handle, and a reinforced plastic tube, this shower system can be set up high on a tree branch for a quick shower.


  • The showerhead can rotate for convenience
  • Front pocket to store toiletries
  • A strong cap to prevent leakage
  • See-through material to know the water level


  • Water heating may take time

11. Wadeo Camp Shower

Wadeo Camp Shower


This foot pump camp shower by Wadeo has a press nozzle for easy control of water flow. With its high-grade waterproof fabric and a rubber ring inside to prevent leakage, this portable shower is durable and an ideal gift for campers. Inflate the equipment with feet and squeeze the nozzle to have a relaxing shower even when outdoors.


  • Has a water holding capacity of four gallons
  • Leakproof design
  • Has a protective strap on top to prevent popping
  • Foldable and portable shower
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • Doesn’t have a water heating system

How To Choose The Best Camping Shower?

Mentioned below are a few things to check before you shop for a camping shower.

  • Durability: A camping shower made of the right materials will last long. Shower bags with multi-layered PVC are leakproof and can serve for many years.
  • Compact design: A portable camping shower must be travel-friendly and compact. Most camping showers come with foldable shower bags that can be rolled and tucked inside backpacks. The battery-powered showers are usually lightweight and are ideal for RVs.
  • Water heating system: If you prefer hot water baths, try purchasing a solar shower bag. It is made of black PVC material to absorb sunlight and convert it into energy to heat the water
  • Types of pump: Few showers use pumps with batteries to provide a stream of water, while others need to be placed at a higher location for the smooth flow. Foot pump systems require you to inflate the reservoir to create a flow.
  • Water reservoir: A reservoir can be a bucket or a bag. Most solar shower bags have lightweight reservoirs that can be easily hung on tree branches. The submersible reservoirs are equipped with a pump.
  • Length of the hose: A good hose length doesn’t restrict your movement. You can easily suspend them anywhere and bath at a distance of your preference. Most of the portable showers provide a length of six feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use a camping shower?

Each type of camping shower comes with its own set of instructions. Solar camping showers need to be placed under direct sunlight for heating water and hung at an altitude to create a steady flow of water through their showerheads.

Water pumping devices can be submerged into a bucket of water. As they function on batteries, they draw water and pump it through their hose. A foot pump shower requires you to inflate the reservoir to create pressure in the system. This pressure is then released to create a flow by a simple press of the nozzle.

2. Do solar showers really work?

Yes, solar heated camping showers work but not as efficient as the heaters you use at home. A solar heater requires to be placed under direct sunlight to heat the water. Most solar showers need three hours of sunlight to heat water to 113°F. The efficiency of these showers depends on the light available in your area of camping.

3. How do I maintain my camp shower, and how long should I expect it to last?

Each type of shower has its own rules of maintenance. But here are the common tips to keep your camping shower in good shape.

  • Always drain and rinse out water from showers after each use
  • Use only clean water as this prevents the formation of mold inside the hoses and taps
  • Read the manufacturer’s instruction before using portable showers

4. How many people can use my portable camping shower?

It depends on the water holding capacity of the reservoir. Most of the portable showers have a capacity ranging from five to ten gallons. If shopping for a large group, consider purchasing a shower with a larger capacity.

A warm and relaxing shower is calming and soothing, no matter where you are. With our list of the best camping showers, we hope you can find the right one that can help you maintain hygiene even during outdoor camps.