Best Wireless Lavalier Microphones Analysis For Recording and Vlog

     As everyone uses the functions of facebook live, youtube, tiktok live, zoom meeting, etc., the requirements for recording are getting higher and higher. The previous recording can only use the mobile phone mic, and the recording distance of the mobile phone is limited. When transmitting over long distances The sound will be unclear, and the effect will be greatly reduced. In order to solve this problem, the wireless lavalier microphone was born. It uses wireless connection, plug-and-play, automatic connection, and the sound will be transmitted to the phone through the mic, without manual or app linking. It is very convenient to use.
   However, there are many types of similar products. There are 2,4G, Bluetooth, UHF wireless transmission solutions, lightning, typc, type-A, etc., and there are many audio parameters. What are the main features of these products? How should specific consumers choose? Today, I will use big data to capture the top-selling product data on Amazon for comparative analysis, hoping to give you a reference.

1.Scenes to be used

Designed for YouTube/Facebook Live Stream, TikTok Creators, Vloggers, Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters, Interviewers and other video recording lovers. zoom meetings

2. Data Sources

Amazon BestSeller, MWS API, Keyword ranking (wireless lavalier microphone)

3. Product Comparison

 4. Wireless transmission category and interface analysis:

1. 2.4G lighting interface: the connection method is more convenient, it comes with its own receiving head, plug and play, but the shortcomings are only suitable for Apple devices
2. Bluetooth: The connection is not so convenient. It can be seen that many companies need their own apps to connect and use, and they cannot be used with other software, such as facebook live and tiktok. This requires attention.
3. 2.4G type-C/typeA: can only be used with Android phones and laptops and desktop computers, not Apple phones
4. 2.4G lightning/typec:this kind of compatibility is the widest, compatible with iphone, ipad, Android phones, tablets, windows notebooks and other devices
5. UHF:The advantages of UHF wireless microphones: longer wavelength, longer transmission distance, fewer devices in the frequency band, less interference than 2.4G, higher power, and higher security. Disadvantages: more power consumption. Because of the high power, the power consumption is also relatively fast. The UHF frequency band is mostly used in important occasions such as broadcasting, film shooting, and variety show interviews;
Personally recommend 2.4G Lightning/Type-C

5.  Sound Quality Analysis:

Sampling rate: 48kHZ sampling rate is adopted. Everyone knows that the higher the sampling rate, the clearer the sound quality.
2. Sampling accuracy: In addition to the sampling rate, there is another parameter that has a great influence, that is, the sampling accuracy is 24Bit. It is recommended to choose more bits, the better the sound quality.
3. Hardware denoising: The above devices all claim to have hardware denoising, but the actual effect is reserved.

6.  Recording Volume Adjustment

1. This function is very important and useful, because when recording, it is very likely that you need to adjust the recording volume too much according to different environments to achieve the best ideal.

Personal recommendation is to use this feature

7. Real-time Monitoring of Recording

When the user is recording, a very important need is how to judge whether the microphone is working properly. At this time, you can monitor the recording effect in real time by inserting headphones. If you can hear the sound, you can be sure that the recording is normal. With this detection method, it is possible to give consumers confidence and avoid blind catalogue sounds and rework.
customer feedback:

Personal recommendation is to use this feature

8. Audio Bidirectional Transmission:

Judging from the user’s bad reviews, the user found that there was no sound after playing his own voice after recording, and he needed to unplug the adapter to hear the sound. It's very cumbersome, At this time, the two-way transmission of audio is very important. You only need to plug in the headset to hear the sound played by the device. It is possible to debug or edit in time. However, there are other drawbacks of two-way transmission, that is, it cannot be like normal. Bluetooth headsets are also used to fight Phone, do online voice chat, etc. This is related to the method of the system. The system will automatically switch to the earpiece channel or the earphone channel during a voice call, which causes the earphone in the microphone to hear no sound.
customer feedback:

9. Toubleshooting Help

It can be seen from various negative reviews that many people do not support after-sales in place, which leads to users who need to explore on their own. The learning time and cost are high, and the user experience is not good. Therefore, perfect after-sales support is indispensable. It is not enough to rely on the instruction manual alone, and a lot of exception handling situations are needed. The after-sales service website established by wocream allows users to find answers to any questions on it.

customer feedback:

In summary, recommend this product


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