Top 29 Best Hiking Socks Review 2021

Top 29 Best Hiking Socks Review 2021

Wearing the correct footwear is essential to achievement in most experiences, but it is particularly essential for backpacking and hiking. Our toes will be the workhorses that choose the beating on the road and take the load. Our experience has taught us that we must take care of our toes right to keep them so we do and can see.

It is normal to experience a few foot pains and aches, overheating, and sexy spots/blisters following long days of hiking, but we have discovered that sporting grade socks (along with great shoes/boots) make a large difference in how long we could keep our toes comfortable and in great shape on the trail. Are you search for the best hiking socks. Keep reading will help you to find out the answer to the best hiking socks.

Hiking Socks

How to Select the Best Hiking Socks

Socks are, in the same way as any other article of clothing, an issue of taste Even though there are some winners to reveal within our research. You might disagree with all our positions due to the depth of a sock.

Preferred Thickness

Since REI specialists have shown,” a little pillow can protect your toes through high-impact tasks like jogging and backpacking, but…thicker socks are somewhat warmer and may cause your feet to sweat” It is all about balance. You might want a depth, despite conditions that are chilly if you sweat over the typical individual.

Here are the most frequent thicknesses together with the explanations of that or that which each is best suited for:

  • Lightweight – Trail running, mountain biking; high-exertion actions where you expect to sweat out a great deal
  • Midweight – cross country skiing, Hiking; a much versatile depth any state can be handled by that
  • Thick fat – Mountaineering snowshoeing, sleeping where you need to keep your feet cushioned and warm

Preferred Length

Had a crew cut, which is right if you lift with ankle care that is solid. There’s a great deal of disagreement on if road runners or shoes are far much better for thru-hiking, also there is not a suitable response.

Here are the length choices for:

  • Ankle Length – mountain biking, trail running; excellent for hot to moderate climates
  • Quarter Length – hiking with roadrunners, trail running, mountain biking; a length that is flexible Perfect for light
  • Crew Length – Bushwhacking, trekking together with boots winter skiing sleeping; for those cases where you need more insulation or protection to the calf.

As a rule of thumb keep your socks at least half of an inch in length over the top of your boot or shoe. This reduces also the possibility of blisters and also friction.

Duration of Use

These socks have been worn days without a wash. Although we could not spend years analyzing the long-term durability, we could see which ones preserved their comfort.

Should you are searching for Socks that endure the test of time without stink or care, Darn Tough has been recognized countless occasions because of its toughness that was damn. Consider you need them to continue and how long you want to put on a set between washes. Pick for quality above quantity.

Weather & climate

The very first thing to go will be the feet If your feet get cold. This is the natural method of pulling on of your warmth into the heart and away from your extremities of the body. How warm and thick at the feet is critical, the cloth feels. The colder the weather, the more precious a pair of socks is.

In moist or wet conditions in which it can be difficult to stay dry, cloth matters. Merino wool is famous for its moisture-managing properties, which is 1 reason Darn Tough and Smart Wool raised in such high esteem.

Top Best Hiking Socks Brands

Top Best Hiking Socks Brands

Women's Hiking Walking Socks, FEIDEER Multi-pack Outdoor Recreation Socks Wicking Cushion Crew Socks(5WS18105-M)
Women's Hiking Walking Socks, FEIDEER Multi-pack Outdoor Recreation Socks Wicking Cushion Crew Socks(5WS18105-M)
Cotton75%, Polyester fibre22%, Spandex3%. Medium fits women’s socks size 4.5-7 (US).
Dickies Women's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack, Black Heathered (6 Pairs), Shoe Size: 6-9
Dickies Women's Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks Multipack, Black Heathered (6 Pairs), Shoe Size: 6-9
Arch Compression Provides Added Support and Stability; Reciprocated Heel and Toe for Superior Fit and Comfort
Dickies Women's Dritech Advanced Moisture Wicking Crew Sock (6/12, Grey Assorted (6 Pairs), Shoe Size: 6-9
Dickies Women's Dritech Advanced Moisture Wicking Crew Sock (6/12, Grey Assorted (6 Pairs), Shoe Size: 6-9
Arch Compression Provides Added Support and Stability; Reciprocated Heel and Toe for Superior Fit and Comfort
SEOULSTORY7 5Pack Women's Multi Performance Padded Hiking/Outdoor Crew Socks Year Round Design2-5Pair Purple/Light Gray/Light Blue/Pink/Beige Medium
SEOULSTORY7 5Pack Women's Multi Performance Padded Hiking/Outdoor Crew Socks Year Round Design2-5Pair Purple/Light Gray/Light Blue/Pink/Beige Medium
Cotton77%,Spandex14%,Polyester9%; Small size fits Women shoe size6-8US, Medium size fits Women shoe size 8-10US
Columbia Men's 4 Pack Moisture Control Ribbed Crew, Assorted, Sock Size: 6 -12
Columbia Men's 4 Pack Moisture Control Ribbed Crew, Assorted, Sock Size: 6 -12
Soft cotton blend arch support mesh ventilation; Half cushion moisture wicking

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1. Darn Tough Micro Crew Light Cushion Socks

Darn, Tough Micro Crew Light Cushion Socks are comfortable, flexible, and built to last. They are relatively thin for great fever reregulation are woven very tightly, which gives them excellent durability. The Light Hiker Micro Socks arisarmer and thicker than chic socks, but they are still very breathable and the wool-synthetic mix makes them flexible in cool or warm conditions.

Darn Tough socks are costly, but well worth the cost because they last forever and are backed up with a wonderful unconditional lifetime warranty. If you’re searching for more warmth and cushioning, we also enjoy Darn Hard’s popular Micro Crew Cushion and Hiker Boot Socks.

2. Farm to Feet Damascus Lightweight Technical 1/4 Crew

The Farm to Feet Damascus Lightweight Technical 1/4 Crew socks are manufactured with 100% American materials and construction. Made with long-distance walkers in your mind, these socks are made tough and can last for hundreds of miles. Other than that, they are guaranteed for life! Slight compression and exceptional concentrated cushioning at the toe and heel in addition to the instep help stop pain from shoelace pressure, which is particularly fine for long, steep descents.

We advocate Damascus Technical socks for rugged hikes and backpacking trips in trail boots or runners (select 3/4 team or team elevation for boots) when chic jeans are not quite enough. They are also offered in a Women’s particular edition.

3. Feetures Elite Ultra Light Quarter

Feetures is a new that is better-known from the running community, but people adore their socks for hiking also. Feetures’ Elite Ultra Light Quarter socks are slim, pliable, and fit snugly with compression at all the proper areas so the socks remain smooth and wrinkle-free during aerobic activity. The Elite Ultra Light socks stand out best in hot states when wicking and ventilation are crucial.

4. Smartwool Ph.D. Outdoor Light Crew

Smartwool’s Ph.D. Outdoor Light Crew Socks are a few of the very best all-around socks for hiking. They are well-designed using a comfortable, anatomical fit and cushioning only where you want it for exceptional breathability. Though previous versions of this Ph.D. Outdoor have lacked durability, the 3rd production Ph.D. Outside socks have harder yarn at the heel and fur that considerably exextend their lifespan (and Smartwool will replace them should you ship them in over two decades of their purchase ).

We advocate Ph.D. External socks to people who favor a sock that is somewhat lighter and more breathable than Darn Hard’s, even though they won’t last as long. If you’re searching for something a little heavier, you may also enjoy Smartwool’s classic Hike Medium Crew socks, that are popular for a lengthy time.

5. Balega Hidden Comfort Socks

Balega Hidden Comfort Socks are simple, softly padded, and comfy with cushy tabs in the ankle that efficiently stop them from slipping down far better than many ankle socks. The plush cushioning across the whole only makes them somewhat warmer and not as breathable underfoot than a few. Nevertheless, the Hidden Comforts in an excellent, affordable option for people who are searching for comfy low cut jeans for regular usage.

Balega additionally offers their favorite Ultralight No Show Socks (excellent ultralight feedlot lack long-term durability), Blister Resist No Show Socks (created out of mohair fibers that withstand corrosion ), and Silver No Show Socks (excellent compression and antibacterial properties). If you’re trying to find a quarter span hiking sock, then we really love the Balega Enduro Quarter Socks.

6. Thorlos XCCU Experia

Thorlos XCCU Experia socks are intended to help decrease pressure and pain out of diminishing fat pads which obviously cushion the bottom of the feet. With cushioning just in the areas you need it and lean, stretchy cloth on the arch, top, and sides of the sock, the Experia’s breathe nicely but supplement your footpads at precisely the exact same moment.

Experia does slide back on events with aerobic activity, but they are still very comfortable and therefore are amazing for walks or regular wear. Considering that the Experian does not contain wool, they are also a very good option for people who find wool to become itchy. For extreme actions, you may also enjoy their External Athlete Sock (that has a greater cut), or even The Outdoor Fanatic, their technically-advanced sock.

7. Darn Tough Vertex No Show Tab Ultra-Light Socks

DaDarn, ough’s Vertex No Show Tab Ultra-Light Socks are super thin, form-fitting, wicking and breathable, but constructed with Darn Tough’s trademark high-density weave for durability. These socks will not get holes in them as socks that are minimalist, however, if they do, then you can depend on the lifetime guarantee of Darn Tough. The Vertex arose excellent pick for hikers that are nimble sporting street runners. Vertex socks are available in Women’s and Men’s versions. Have a look at the Coolmax variant if you’re going to be traveling in the summer heat.

8. Swiftwick PURSUIT HIHIKESwo Ultra Light

The PURSUIT HIKE 2 of swiftwick Ultra Light are a few of the greatest socks we have taken on the road. The bulk-free PURSUIT HIKEand the toes squeeze snugly so they are best. The Olefin fibers create while the wool helps to keep your toes a comfortable temperature and decrease stink the Pursuit Hike’s dry fast. We urge that these socks hikers or trail runners traveling light and fast at warm or cool conditions.

9. Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show Socks

The Run Lightweight socks of injinji are a few of the fur socks available on the current market, and with great reason. They are cheap, comfortable, highly-breathable, and exceptional. We discovered they do an excellent job of keeping feet warm on the road also since every fur is wrapped in lace cloth. Toe socks might feel somewhat odd at first, but we believe they are worth getting used to if you and toe blisters struggle. Injinji’s Route Midweight Mini-Crew is a wonderful alternative if you’re searching for a cushioned and warmer fur wig.

10. WrightSock Coolmesh II Lo Quarter Socks

WrightSock Coolmesh II Lo Quarter Socks ar extremely comfy and feel like slippers on your toes. They are nominal and thin, and the double-layer system leaves them great for preventing blisters. The drawback is they’re constructed with materials plus they wear from the toe and the heel. We want the outer coating of this Coolmesh II was somewhat harder, but for those people who have blister-prone toes, they may nevertheless be well worthwhile. A child’s variant is additionally made by Wrightson.

11. REI Co-op Merino Wool Lightweight Hiking Crew

If you are sold on the advantages of membranous are searching to save, the REI Merino Wool Lightweight trekking socks are simply the ticket. To get a fair $17, you have the comfort and temperature regulation one anticipates from meMerinoand lots of it in 79 percent ) with few compromises. With cushioning to the Darn Tough Micro Crew Cushion above, the socks function at the heel. And this season, REI tacked in an RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certificate, which implies that cows were treated humanely through production.

12. Darn Challenging Quarter Cushion

For people who prefer to move light and fast, the Darn Quarter Cushion is loved by us. With these trekking socks that you receive all the relaxation, moisture-wicking capability, and odor protection of crew-height socks, but without too much substance holding you back. It is accurate they are not tall enough for many hiking boots, but they are a fantastic pairing with ankle-height hiking shoes or road runners.

13. Icebreaker Hike+ Lite Crew

Icebreaker is a meMerinopecialist located in New Zealand wool from the sheep their residence the Southern Alps. We would be remiss to not add their Hike+ sock at our mostly-merino lineup–Icebreaker does get better compared to wool. Sized anatomically, these trousers have a”left” and”directly” label along with the best-fitting Cable box of any we tested, which can be very nice when you’ve got narrow feet along with your socks have a tendency to pack up around the feet. The match reminds us of those Ph.D. socks from Smartwool over but a bit intense.

14. Smartwool Trekking Heavy Crew

It’s likely that if you enjoy the lightweight hiking layouts of Smartwool, the Trekking Heavy Crew will make you happy. These socks are made from 70 percent meMerinoool and possess exactly the exact same look and texture like the Hike Light Crew below. You can get a noticeable increase in heat and depth around the foot, which works nicely for winter outdoor activities and summertime backpacking for people who want maximum pillow (in the sacrifice of breathability).

Much like the Darn Tough Mountaineering socks over, be certain that you take your boot dimension into consideration: these socks will not automatically bump you up a size, but they do include noticeably more mass than lightweight hiking socks.

15. Features Merino 10 Ultra Light No Show

The quarter-height Smartwool and Darn Tough socks overprotect the ankle and heel, but no-show designs such as the Features Merino 10 Ultra Light No Show ride much lower. Coupled with a low-profile trekking shoe or course runner (there is not sufficient clearance for ankle-height sneakers or high-cut boots), the Features is an excellent selection for fast-and-light summer assignments. The brief, ultralight design will keep your feet cool during hot flashes, however, the average dose of meMerino25percent ) will nevertheless wick moisture and resist odor better than artificial. All told, it is a mix for people who wish to minimize underfoot.

16. Stance Garhwal Hike Crew

A few things are apparent in 2020: trekking socks have gotten hipper, and you will find even more options outside the Darn Tough and Smartwool world-class. We tried Stance socks for jogging and came away extremely impressed: they have a superior feel and build quality, come in attractive layouts, and are so comfy as anything in the marketplace. In reality, we enjoyed Stance much we re-ordered multiple pairs to reevaluate our work out and daily-wear sock set. And while we have employed the lower-cut training variant for day excursions with lightweight sneakers, the committed Stance Garhwal comes at a team height which may be worn with hiking boots.

17. Wrightsock Escape Crew

For all those who have tender feet that are prone to blistering, Wrightsock has produced an intriguing solution. Made with a distinctive double-layer construction, the sock layout functions to absorb warmth from the boot or shoe, leaving your foot somewhat unscathed. Moreover, the moisture-wicking inner coating keeps your feet warm, providing still another barrier. Actually, Wrightsock considers in their style so they offer you a”blister-free warranty” (a refund will not matter much in the event that you’ve been affected on the road, but we do enjoy the assurance ).

18. Fox River Altitude Lightweight Crew

A popular one of the thru-hiking audiences because of its light-but-tough construct, Fox River’s Altitude Lightweight Crew is just another competent meMerinoption to consider. With mild cushioning, a reinforced heel and toe for extra durability, concentrated compression zones, along with a padded sole, the Altitude assesses all of the boxes to get a practical companion over extended distances. Further, the Altitude is offered in a Wonderful Range of classic colorways, also such as the Wigwam Hiker and Farm into Feet Damascus above, call Fox River’s socks are made in the U.S.

19. Darn Tough Coolmax Micro Crew Cushion

On especially hot summer days, you simply may not wish to place the wool in your own toes, which is clear. For these events, a sock is made by Darn Tough with Coolmax polyester, a highly porous cloth that’s made to keep your feet cool. These socks really are a wonderful solution for hot-weather lovers, and such as our favorite meMerinoodels, they’re snug-fitting, well-cushioned, and don’t stretch with use. All that along with the bulge in breathability is evident.

20. Injinji Outdoor Midweight NuWool

We are going to begin this write-up by stating that new equipment technology is not necessarily better, and we wait to jump on the bandwagon until the results are in. These exceptional Injinji fur socks beckon a specific toe shoe controversy out of some of them years ago, but after powerful testimonials, we needed to offer them a shot. Basically, rather than a conventional sock, Injinji utilizes a five-toe layout that claims to decrease the chance of blisters and hot spots this”Midweight” version provides additional cushioning within the thin”First Weight” sock.

21. FITS Light Hiker Quarter

Like Farm to Stance and Feet FITS is just another sock manufacturer on the increase that is hoping to divide the two-horse race involving Darn Tough and Smartwool. They make their situation by undercutting those brands marginally in cost (normally $1 across the board) while offering a healthy dose of meMerinoool, an exact match, and plush cushioning. Their Light Hiker Quarter model comprised here’s well-matched for 3-season trekking and backpacking with 70 percent meMerinoool in its own construction (9 percent more than you get from Darn Tough) and strategically placed cushioning in the heel and under the feet and arch.

22. Wigwam Comfort Hiker Midweight Crew

You do not need to pay an arm and a leg to get meMerinoool hiking socks, which can be evidenced by Wisconsin-based Wigwam. These socks undercut the contest over by quite a bit–you can grab a three-pack for just more than 12 a set, the entire price of that will not actually get you two top socks out of Darn Hard or Smartwool. The proportion of meMerino62percent ) is right on par with the contest, also Wigwam’s are fabricated from the U.S.A., a wonderful bonus.

23. REI Coolmax EcoMade Lightweight Tech

Merino wool socks may be a little itchy for a few with skin that is sensitive, and if that is you, REI’s Coolmax EcoMade aris a good alternative. Made with cloth constructed from recycled plastic bottles, these socks provide a gentle next-to-skin encounter without the typical burden of lace. They wick moisture very well also, which makes them a fantastic pick for hot-weather experiences once you still need the support and cushioning of a midweight sock.

24. Danish Endurance Merino Wool Hiking Socks

All these Danish-made hiking socks are among Amazon’s top sellers. Their moderate weight means that you can use them year-round, and their mixture of meMerinoool and concentrated ventilation net perform impressively nicely in both cold and hot weather. Unlike a lot of drab trekking socks, these come in five different colors which range from bright yellow to deep forest green to vivid reddish (plus also a more muted grey and brown to the conventional among people ).

The socks really come recommended from the mountaineer Rasmus Kragh, which had been the first Dane to summit Mount Everest without using supplemental oxygen (while sporting Danish Endurance socks). When they have him up Everest, it is safe to say these socks can manage whatever experience you take these on.

25. Darn Tough Vermont Hiker Boot Full-Cushion Socks

In chilly winter months, you will need hiking socks which can go the extra mile in keeping your feet toasty. This translates into a lining and a weighted sock to cooperate with it. All that padding proceed and may add mass and distress in the event the layers lot up. Detecting a sock that is warm enough for hiking or trekking on its own with no liner is a large trekking win — that is the reason those meMerinoool Darn Tough socks really are this incredible find.

For how hot these meMerinoool, hefty weight, fully-cushioned socks really are, they’re amazingly non-bulky. And almost more importantly, they wick water and perspiration away from the footwell — that is critical in freezing temps. 1 client even reported, “I kept my feet feeling chilly (even if I accidentally dunked my entire boot right into a puddle that attained my ankles).”

26. Sealskinz Waterproof Mid-Length Hiking SoSocks

If you are hiking anywhere with water, then a fast-drying hiking sock is a must. Wet feet aren’t just embarrassing and smelly, but more prone to blisters — that the archnemesis of hikers. These wonder socks out of SealSkinz be able to be waterproof with proprietary technologies which also creates them windproof yet breathable.

1 reviewer mentioned, “I use these for rescue and search and they’re wonderful! They’re amazingly soft and comfy, unlike neoprene models, and that I will easily wear them daily to get training or assignment and come out with my feet perfectly dry. Wore them in a raging river another day on a mission and super-dry ft! Really like these!”

27. CEP Outdoor Compression Merino Mid-Cut Socks

When backpacking, you are often putting in long days on the road repeatedly, which could on occasion result in swelling and discomfort in the knees and feet. A compression sock is not always mandatory but may be a wonderful addition to your backpacking equipment. This light compression sock made for outdoor experiences consists of closely-knit yarn, which may help increase blood circulation to the toes and ankles.

Its mid-weight soft and cushioning mixture of meMerinoool and synthetics make it a welcome companion on backpacking trips when relaxation and drying are equally crucial. There’s not anything worse than needing to wear a smelly pair of socks day-after-day, or squeezing them in your package with the rest of your things.

28. Wigwam Hiker Midnight Crew-Length Socks

To get a crew-length sock using a moderate cushion, you can not beat this set from Wisconsin-based Wigwam. It’s true that you could get a less costly socket probably none having an elasticized arch, ventilation panels, and 67 percent meMerinoool mamaterialsIf you purchase in packs, the cost goes down much farther.

Although these may not be the most trendy set on the listing, 1 reviewer cautions, “Do not allow the depth and look fool you — these are fantastic for hiking beneath the baking sun in addition to throughout the snow. I use them with my work boots plus that they have a mix to them without shifting my measure or being slippery. What is more — they appear to maintain my telemetry and comfy, and if they do get wet, they dry fast.”

29. Wigman Ultimate Liner Pro

Liners are jeans that are intended to be worn under your socks. Liners are not always needed, but they could certainly help reduce friction and wick sweat away (meaning fewer blisters) on long hikes and keep toes warm in additional chilly problems. These liners from Wigwam are flexible enough to be worn by themselves or under wool socks.

1 reviewer raves, “I’ve been utilizing these socks 15+ years since liners in trekking boots, as stand-alone socks in the fitness center and as stand-alone socks when biking. They continue forever, match nicely, wick away moisture, wash and dry quickly (significant when vacationing ) and are simply plain and simple an exceptional product.” Especially or in weather conditions that are erratic, it is never a bad idea to pack a set of liners together in the case.


We hope this guide can help you discover the ideal equipment for your requirements. We would really like to hear from you if you have questions or a proposal! Please give it talk on networking if you found this guide useful! Make certain to check our Trail business to observe our top gear picks all.