Top 30+ Best Backpacking Chair Reviews 2021

Top 30+ Best Backpacking Chair Reviews 2021

Tired of sitting in the dirt? Elevate your next backpacking trip using a chair that produces break chilling and time in camp comfy. We rounded up the best sit-pad and seat choices available on the marketplace and tested them completely (by twisting back in amazing areas ) to make it effortless for you to go for an option that is ideal for you.

As usual with backpacking, it is vital to maintain weight and bulk to a minimum so that we just considered seats that weigh 2 pounds. Or less for this particular listing. Have a look at our Camping listing, if you’re searching for a lavish seat for country camping. We expect this study helps to make your experience enjoyable and more relaxing than ever before! Are you looking for the best backpacking chair? My Trail Company has many best choice products which help you choose it here!

Selecting the Proper Backpacking Chair

Selecting the Proper Backpack Chair

There are various facets when choosing a chair on a journey. The key ones are relaxation, reliability, and simplicity of usage. You must consider if you’d prefer a tent-style seat or a fashion seat.


Are seat height and back, seat width, and weight capability.

If you have a very long torso or are tall, do not opt for a seat with a back that is brief. Make certain it goes enough to supply you with the support that is spinal that is required.

The chair height determines how large the chair is off the floor. Users with long legs are going to want to look. The chair height determines how easy it’s to get inside and out of this seat.

In case you’ve got wide shoulders, you’re going to want to be sure the seat is broad enough not to overcrowd you. Make certain to opt for.


When backpacking Having the capability to transport your seat is crucial. Weight and size are just two points to consider.

Backpacking seats will pack down small. But you ought to ensure they also consume less space and are not too bulky when folded. Some seats will have.

You wish to attempt to remain under 2 pounds for backpacking. If you’re not a bigger packer, anything thicker than this may become cumbersome.

Simplicity of Use

The very best back pack chairs are really simple to establish. Most seats will have a single collapsible pole system using a sewn ripstop chair. Plop it down and place it up.

The taco-style seats would be the simplest, as you just fold them how you would like. For more nimble and flexible customers, this is the alternative that we’d best recommend as it’s less expensive and easier to carry.

Kinds of Chairs

There are two chief forms of seats -taco design and text design.

Taco style seats have a simple layout and function. They’re intended to fold in an L-shaped pattern with inner support beams that permit you to slim down. It does this using an oppositional force to make a sturdy backrest. This sort of seat sits right on the floor and is mild with not put up. There’s a little muscle involvement need to utilize these seats, so they’re not quite as secure as seats with legs.

Tent style seats are created from a tent-like folding rod construction and a cloth chair that suspend your own weight. Normally, they sit 8-12 inches above the floor and provide more comfort than taco design seats. But they tend to be thicker and more costly.

Top best backpacking chair brands

Top 30+ best backpacking chair brands

KLYMIT Timberline Camp Chair, Lightweight Backpacking Chair, Travel-Friendly, Comfortable, Durable Design, 225 lbs Capacity
KLYMIT Timberline Camp Chair, Lightweight Backpacking Chair, Travel-Friendly, Comfortable, Durable Design, 225 lbs Capacity
COMFORTABLE: Engineered to comfortably cradle and support your body; PORTABLE: Easy-to-use, folds down into a small pack size

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Therm-a-Rest Z-Seat Pad

  • WEIGHT: 2 ounces.
  • PROS: Cheap, ultralight, compact, handy, flexible
  • CONS: No service

BOTTOM LINE: Although it is super fundamental, the Therm-a-Rest Z-Seat Pad is an all-time preferred seat one of ultralight backpackers and thru-hikers. It does not provide any back service, but it will include a layer of softness and insulation between you and the floor, which are extremely significant on cold and rainy times.

You will also significantly improve the overall look of and prolong the life span of your shorts or pants by sitting on a mat rather than the ground. The Z-Seat is very lightweight and super easy to deploy and package away for rapid trail breaks, making it perfect for use throughout the day. Whether you are backpacking or day-hiking, the Z-Seat is a must-have our view.

Helinox Chair Zero

  • WEIGHT: 1 pound.
  • PROS: Cozy (back service )off the floor, lightweight, streamlined
  • CONS: Expensive, a little heavy/bulky, requires a moment or 2 to place up/pack off

BOTTOM LINE: Prefer a”real” seat which gets you up off the floor? The Helinox Chair Zero is among the very best luxury seat choices available on the marketplace for backpacking. The Chair Zero sits 11 inches off the floor on its solid, but the lightweight aluminum frame. A heavy, nylon scoop-seat joins in the corners to suspend the human entire body and support your spine in a comfy, slightly cushioned position.

If your plan is to devote a substantial quantity of time resting, relaxing, relaxing, and taking in the sounds and sights in camp, then a complete seat, such as the Chair Zero, could be well worth the excess burden for the relaxation it provides. Additionally, it is an excellently mobile for theatres, festivals, the shore, and other day trips.


REI Flexlite Air Chair

  • WEIGHT: 1 pound.
  • PROS: Comfortable, back support off the floor, lightweight, streamlined
  • CONS: Expensive, a little heavy/bulky, requires a moment or 2 to place up/pack off

BOTTOM LINE: The REI Flexlite Air Chair is quite like Helinox’s Chair Zero, which we favor because of its minor rise in durability/toughness, relaxation, and also a more protected pole construction, but if you are on a tight budget that the Flexlite Air will help save a small money.

The Flexlite Air, the ultralight version of the favorite Flexlite Camp Chair, is a superb solution for people who are trying to find a cozy chair that is light enough for backpacking but may also be used for day excursions when portability is essential.

Therm-a-Rest Trekker Chair

  • WEIGHT (20 inn.) : 10 ounces.
  • PROS: Cheap, lightweight, compact, comfortable (back service )
  • CONS: somewhat cumbersome to set up, requires inflatable sleeping mat

BOTTOM LINE: The Therm-a-Rest Trekker Chair is comfortable and provides great support while being lightweight and bulky. To utilize the Trekker Chair, then you are going to require a similar mat or a NeoAir, which can be sold individually.

It takes a couple of minutes to inflate the sleeping mat and slide it in the elastic sleeves, so it is probably not something you would have the ability to quickly whip out for brief road breaks, but it creates a luxurious resting spot in camp if you want it most. We advocate using a ground cloth to make sure it’s security when the tent as your mat is important and the chance of being punctured runs.

Moon Lence Outdoor Ultralight Camp Chair

  • WEIGHT: 2 pounds.
  • PROS: Cheap, comfortable (back service )off the floor
  • CONS: Heavy and bulky, take per moment or 2

BOTTOM LINE: The Moon Lence Outdoor Ultralight Portable Folding Chair is a reasonable crossover seat with a layout very similar to luxury seats on this listing. It is well-made, comfy, and away from the floor, but at two pounds. It weighs the amount we would consider reasonable for biking. Nevertheless, the Moon Lance is a fantastic solution for small trips and front-country pursuits because of the budget-friendly price.

REI Trail Chair

  • WEIGHT: 1 pound. 9 ounce.
  • PROS: Affordable, handy, durable
  • CONS: A bit thick and bulky

BOTTOM LINE: The REI Trail Chair is basic however provides surface rear support and to sit. It is super easy to utilize on the move and at camp, and it is really cheap. The Path Chair is not the lightest or most backpacking seat but it is lasting and hassle-free. The Path Chair is useful from the front-country as nicely for sporting events or concerts to create bench-seating more comfortable.

REI Trail Stool

  • WEIGHT: 1 pound. 2 ounces.
  • PROS: Cheap off the floor
  • CONS: A bit bulky and heavy, no service

BOTTOM LINE: The REI Route Stool is a seating alternative for people who need to eliminate the floor for day excursions and quick hikes. The Path Stool is fast and simple to become out/put off on the road, and certainly beats sitting around the floor for activities like fishing or cooking.

The Trail Stool does not provide any service, which restricts its relaxation. In case you need a place to perch on track breaks and in camp and have bad knees, the Trail Stool might be well worth considering.

REI Co-op Flexlite Chair

The Flexlite is an Adirondack chair that is timeless, and with great reason.

It is tall enough to keep you off the moist ground and mild enough to warrant turning into a backpack, using a huge enough chair to match a set of broader shoulders.

Following two decades of usage, I have had no strength problems with my Flexlite, and that I believe it for a safe recommendation for any backpacker, fresh or experienced.

It sets up the exact same manner as most 4-legged layouts, but the cloth will elongate more, meaning it is more pliable and comfortable. The fabric sofa has loops that make it effortless to strap onto the outside of the package, but it also packs small enough to fit indoors also.

Alite Monarch Chair

I need a degree of equilibrium in my camp seats and four points of touch. If my legs have been already wobbling out of exhaustion, I do not need my seat to follow suit.

However, there’s something to be mentioned for its Alite Monarch using its two-legged layout.

Primarily, rocking is just plain entertaining and provides a relaxing element to a day around the fire.

Secondly legs mean less mass. The 1.3-lb Alite Monarch fits in the palm of the hands when packaged. And because the legs and the floor at a ball stage meet, they function better on softer surfaces.

Eating from the Monarch could be quite a balance. I invite you to test a version in a shop before making this purchase. Despite its spine that is shorter, the Monarch’s diameter is bum.

Helinox Chair One

The Helinox One has everything we love about the REI Flexlite at a higher price point.

I can not figure out precisely what makes this seat costlier than the Flexlite besides its high weight capacity, but we really do appreciate the sitting encounter.

The chair is sturdy, albeit a small bit lower into the floor, and sits nicely in many different states without leaning, from snow to sand to shallow riverbanks.

At 2 pounds, this seat is in the top weight limit of what I would personally wish to continue a backpacking excursion. It’s a dependable and durable alternative.

Helinox Chair One XL

The Helinox Chair One XL is what we like having a bit more wiggle room about the Chair One.

For hikers that are bigger, this really is the smartest choice.

But it comes at a steep weight penalty of 3.6 pounds. That is more than the weight of the Big Three to a few hikers.

In a private 120 pounds, I just can not justify carrying this item onto a multi-day increase because I do not desire it, but for all those who just have not managed to find relaxation in more compact versions and do not mind the weight, this might be your only opportunity for relief.

Crazy Creek Hex 2.0 Original Chair

Crazy Creek was my camp seat. In the summer of 2012, we spent 18 days whitewater kayaking the Green River in Utah.

She remained strapped into my dry bag throughout the afternoon also, in the evenings, maintained sand out of each crevice of my kitchen and clothes.

I chalk it up, although not much has changed about this seat.

There’s a versatility to a clip-suspended seat in this way. You may use it like a doormat, a rocker, and a lover for your flame. Plus you should not be concerned about sand getting into the bottoms of sticks that are compressible.

It is not, but it is a good selection for novice backpackers desert rats, given its lightweight, flexibility, and fool-proof set-up.

Crazy Creek also offers the First Seat and the Hex 2.0 PowerLounger. The Chair isn’t recommended by us because it does not roll up for Biking. The Hex 2.0 PowerLounger is more expensive and thicker compared to Hex 2.0 but includes a bottom flap that you could fold out for additional cushioning to your legs.

Big Agnes Skyline UL

After months of analyzing backpacking seats in a broad selection of surroundings, the Big Agnes Skyline UL stands out as the best mix of relaxation, comfort, and burden, which makes it a clear choice for our Editor’s Choice award. It sits higher off the floor than most of its rivals, which feel fine in your legs after a long day of hiking, and its own equilibrium inspires confidence.

There are seats but this one is undoubtedly the very best mix of weight and comfort. This winner could be it if you’re looking which you could bring everywhere.

TravelChair Joey

Our testers enjoy relaxation and the stability of this TravelChair Joey. We all find it to be a superb option for experiences near home, Even though it isn’t especially lightweight. The feet ensure it is the smartest choice in our evaluation to be used on soft earth, and it’s among the secure and comfy setting chairs in out evaluation.

We were, nevertheless, surprised by the absence of clarity about the best way best to set this up and have difficulty determining how the cloth goes. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic all-around camp seat for car camping, beach-going, or backpacking trips, all for a cost.

Big Agnes Big Six

The Big Agnes Big Six blurs the line between backpacking seats and comfortable car-camping chairs. This guides us to award it our Best Pick for Vanlifers. It’s a number of things going for it at the comfort section with its broad chair, high back, and tall butt-to-ground space.

On the flip side, this seat is thick, and despite being considerably more streamlined compared to a car camping seat, it is not something we recommend for the backpacking expeditions. It is going to also cost you a penny, but we consider it to match some needs only right, and you might feel Big Agnes has created only the seat you have been on the lookout for.

Sun year Compact

Our Best Award is readily stolen by the Sun year Compact seat due to low cost and its own comfort. We locate the relaxation on a par with the majority of the other comparable models we’ve analyzed, and it might only be improved by utilizing a milder fabric and sitting up the user a little more vertically.

Panels in this seat make it a fantastic solution for summertime, and we’re stoked to discover. This is not one of those milder chairs we analyzed, but it is a fantastic option when the cost is your primary concern and you want something you will really look forward to sitting in.

Helinox Swivel Camp Chair

A seat the Helinox Swivel Chair, in our inspection includes you guessed it a swivel. Originally skeptical about the usefulness of the feature, we realized there is tiny freedom for camp pleasure.

Sadly, this seat is expensive, too hefty for backcountry use, and less comfy as some of the others we examined, but it may be a fantastic purchase for the ideal camper. Side note: each child we allow sit in our seats, chose this one as their hands-down favorite. They chose fun is more significant than every other metric.

ALPS Mountaineering Weekender Seat

The ALPS Mountaineering Weekender Seat is a bang for the dollar. While its relaxation does not compare to the majority of the tent-style seats in our inspection, it’s but one of the cheapest of any products we’ve analyzed and rankings in accord with its direct rivals.

Nothing about its functionality is outstanding, but the very low cost makes it stand out as a fantastic alternative for people who wish to get a simple seat with minimal investment. Plus we appreciated the bonus features including arena straps and pockets not provided by another version we analyzed.

Crazy Creek Original Chair

A lot of the way that”Kleenex” has replaced the term for”tissue,” thus has Crazy Creek dominated the camp seat market. The Chair is a design for its taco-style seats of the review, getting scores. The foam and heavy-duty cloth protect nicely from dampness and stones.

In the long run, it’s more costly compared to a number of the other seats in its course, but it is an indestructible classic which performs its job nicely. A model in this way is a fantastic choice when you’re searching for a seat that may endure for decades and resist the most damaging surroundings such as scooching around on tough granite or sharing your seat with kids.

Kelty Camp Chair

The Kelty Camp Chair includes a very low price tag and also a similar layout to additional taco-style seats in our inspection, but its relaxation is lacking. It delivers a wider seat compared to other foam seats in our inspection, therefore it can be adapting to larger customers, but this does not translate into relaxation, in our view.

The supports are positioned while squeezing the ribs and buttocks so that they dig to the back/armpits. While the price may be appealing, there are different alternatives in the marketplace for a cost that is comfier.

GRAND TRUNK Collapsible Micro Stool

  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Encourages Weight: 10.5 oz
  • Length Size: 12 x 6 1.5 In.

The Grand Trunk stool includes a framework that is fast to establish and provides weight. It is possible to use the net below the chair as a storage location to keep things.

ALITE Mayfly

  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Encourages Weight: 1 pound. 9.6 oz.
  • Length Size: 4.3 x 11.5 In.

The Alite Mayfly is. Certainly the powerful and clunky chair on the listing. It’s an optional front that when you’re trimming oz from your 24, you may attach for equilibrium or depart at home.


Packed Weight: 8 ounces

The Sea to Summit Air Chair fits on the exterior of an inflatable sleeping mat and utilizes two straps to help keep vertical sitting. It’s intended to use Sea but might use other manufacturers.

EXPED Chair Kit

Encourages Weight: 15.5 oz

Your sleeping pad is entirely covered by the Exped seat kit. You reverse the straps and can fold your sleeping pad and put out the pad. It comes in sizes, therefore it’ll work with an Assortment of the pad

THERM-A-REST Neoair Jembe Seat Bundle Deluxe

Encourages Weight: 3.4 oz

The Jembe chair kit allows up your Neoair mattresses to roll and use it. It is super lightweight, but it can be complicated with no slipping out to roll the mat.

Crazy Creek Power Lounger

The Power Lounger is a cross between relaxation and practicality. It includes comfy fabric and a back. Additionally, in addition, it excels in half making it effortless to carry without weighing you down.

The cushioning is somewhat thin, however, the part is leg-length to provide protection against surfaces, soil, or grass.

Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair

Brand-new Upgraded Style in Mind with Your COMFORT! The YIZI GO layout that is brand new is 15% lighter and 1cm greater and edition. Experience back supports in the seat cloth that is brand new! Side Mesh Panels allow for enhanced Air Flow in humid and warm environments, assisting keep Cooler to you. Rest assured You’ll sit as a queen or a king

Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Camping Chair

[2-PACK]ROBUST QUALITY: The framework Made from heavy-duty aluminum ensures stability and durability of the camping chair

ULTRALIGHT & COMPACT: All these mobile chairs could be folded to a little bit of 14.25″ x 5.25″ such as the carry-on tote and weighs 2 pounds. It’s extremely easy to execute during activities like camping hiking and backpacking

Therm-a-Rest Trekker Chair Kit

The Therm-a-Rest Trekker Chair Kit differs from each other backpacking”seat” on this listing as it takes a sleeping mat to do the job. The Trekker Chair is a seat that is durable back which you slide over your mat to make an extremely comfy chair. We are big fans of the method since it weighs an extremely modest sum turns your mat into a seat, and makes certain you will use your pad.

Helinox- Sunset Chair

This is among those seats there’s that and provides a 320 pounds weight capacity. Additionally, it supplies a spine and net segments for breathability that add a great deal and maybe acceptable for spine pain. Moreover, there tilt in the front of the seat that you bend your legs. Its foundation is constructed from materials that were powerful and sturdy to make sure a long-lasting usage.

MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Chair

The title says everything. It’s ultra-light and may be picked up with a finger. It’s folding; therefore readily reassembled and dropped. It is also one without draining your wallet, the designs which may perform the job.

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